Scalp Pigmentation

At Aesthetic Surgery Center, we provide outstanding Scalp Pigmentation skills that are personalized to the individual needs of each of our clients. Our specialist uses the modern technologies in scalp pigmentation. We offer our cosmetic procedures in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Scalp Pigmentation is a non-surgical procedure Non-permanent pigments are used to create the idea of a fuller head of hair. Unlike a conventional tattoo, micro hair pigmentation has the tendency to fade away with the time and eventually disappear. That is why an average patient with an average lifestyle will need another session every 3-6 years. Biological pigments are used for this process, which are hypoallergenic. The needles used are state of the art and ultra-thin, mimicking real hair stubbles. The pigments are applied in the outer layers of the skin, unlike regular tattoo ink that are placed much deeper.

Effective treatment

Scalp Pigmentation is an effective treatment for men and woman suffering from hair loss; either as a standalone treatment, combined with surgical hair restoration or used along with hair loss medications. Scalp Pigmentation simulates the appearance of a shaved head of hair. It can also be used to camouflage scarring and can be used with many hair loss conditions to improve the look and self-confidence of the individual. This non-invasive treatment gives immediate results, requires little maintenance and provides perfectly natural looking results.

The Aesthetic Surgery Center is proud to offer an alternative to the traditional hair restoration methods. The procedure allows patients that are not good hair transplant candidates to have a shaved head of hair look. It also allows us to treat patients and improve an individual’s self-confidence. With many different ink tones at our disposal we can match the natural hair color making a seamless blend with your native hair. With our many years of experience in surgical hair restoration and other forms of hair loss treatments it gives us an edge in creating natural hairlines that frame the face and give back that youthful appearance.