Medical Facilities

Aesthetic Surgery Center is one of the best equipped plastic surgery centers in Istanbul, Turkey. Providing progressive and comprehensive cosmetic surgery services. Our top plastic surgeons deliver the highest level of medical care for plastic surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. Our mission is to improve or refine facial, skin or body features for our patients. We guarantee to provide the most advanced medical facilities for our patients.

Most of our facilities are JCI-accredited since 2004 and the most recently re-accredited facility was in 2016. The four-facility network has approximately 900 beds and 41 operating theaters available and they treat some 30,000 patients annually.

All facilities that we use for surgical treatments are located in the most central quarters of Istanbul and offers easy access within the city. They provide healthcare in all branches of medicine. We operate with a patient oriented approach in all areas from the building to our diversity of services. Thanks to their modern design, they also offer physical conditions that provide psychological support for patients throughout their recovery period. The buildings have an architecture that minimizes the need for outpatients or hospitalized patients to move unnecessarily among departments.

Aesthetic Surgery Center offers services that make a difference particularly in the areas of cosmetic surgery. With these qualities, we are a candidate for being the benchmark organization in Turkey. State-of-the-art instruments are used in all our hospitals and are checked and maintained on a regular base.

Whether you are seeking a temporary or permanent enhancement, we will listen to all your needs and financial considerations and accommodate you with the best tools and cosmetic technology available in Turkey.

Aesthetic Surgery Center is conveniently located in several locations in Istanbul, making it a flawlessly convenient and effortless trip to the clinic.

We are located in four prestigious locations in Istanbul, Turkey. After personalized examination and evaluation in our main building, you will receive tailored surgical treatment in the most convenient facility available to reach your appearance goals.


The Derindere Hospital, Kagithane Area


Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital, Nisantasi Area


Florence Nightingale Hospital, Gayrettepe Area


Kolan International Hospital, Sisli Area