Forehead lift

Brow lift (Forehead lift)

The first signs aging are shown in the eyebrow and forehead area of the face. Eyebrow and Forehead Lifting addresses eyebrow position, loose of wrinkled forehead skin, frown lines and underlying tissue. It furthermore increases the overall look of the upper eye. At the Aesthetic Surgery Center, our physicians approach the aging face in a holistic manner. They may advise facelift in combination with a brow lift or forehead lift surgery to improve the look of the aging face.

Forehead lifting reestablishes the face above the eyes to regenerate a more rejuvenated appearance that better reflects the patient’s natural vibrancy. By removing excess sagging, skin on the forehead and repositioning the underlying muscles and tissues, a brow lift can correct a heavy, sagging brow, eliminate deep wrinkles, and restore a smoother, more youthful contour to the upper one-third of the face.

The best way to find out the most suitable technique or methods for you is to discuss your concerns with our experienced, qualified cosmetic surgeon, it may help to associate each facial procedure with a certain area of aging:

  • Brow Lift: improves the forehead and above the eyebrows
  • Eyelid Lift: improves the orbital area, around the eyes from the cheekbone to the brow bone. Learn more about eyelid lifts.
  • Facelift: improves the mid to lower face, from the cheekbones to the chin and jawline. Learn more about facelifts.
  • Neck Lift: improves the neck, from the chin to the collarbone. Learn more about neck lifts.

These are general areas that each facial procedure will address, our cosmetic surgeon may employ techniques from one or more of these procedures to address your exclusive concerns.

By examining your face and neck and determine where volume has been lost and gravity has caused pulling or sagging, our experienced surgeons can correct the aging face by substituting volume and gently pulling explicit areas. Our physicians are also strong proponents of excellent skin care in combination with surgery to treat the aging face.

Your self-confidence can improve dramatically because of forehead lifting, as you are no longer concerned about looking “worried or “Wrinkled”.

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