Why Checkup Packages?

The treatment of diseases is important, but also ensuring their early diagnosis shouldn’t be underestimated. Annual examinations and checkup packages offer us the understanding before the disease emerges so that it may be prevented. This is what we call a check-up. We not only serve patients from Istanbul or Turkey, but also patients from abroad. Out-of-town patients need to stay overnight for the duration of their controls.

Our facilities have the newest and most sophisticated equipment available. Whenever needed, they can be accessed to ensure the most accurate and precise test results possible. Our policy is to frequently upgrade technology so the most recent features are made available to patients. Although our check-up programs start with a standard checkup, we have special designed packages for specific ages. Some ages have more risk for certain diseases like; coronary artery disease, cancer, hypertension and for many other diseases early and accurate diagnosis have great importance for both survey and quality of life.

Our check-up services are designed for patients with no specific health issues but who wish to undergo overall controls. Persons with no particular complaints usually go through their check-up procedure with the standard series of tests but some will feel the need for additional tests concerning their chronic conditions and perhaps consultations with fellow physicians as well. Therefore we frequently need to collaborate and coordinate with all departments and their physicians.


Furthermore packaged programs are specific designed for definite age periods (Menopause-Prostate etc.) and specific to familial genetically transmitted diseases (Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease). They are also prepared specific risk factors, like a persons life-style. Early diagnosis and accurate treatment as mentioned only available if many various elements are defined. The check-up procedure generally begins with a standard program and any additional tests required by the individual medical condition of the patient can be carried out and consultations may be arranged.

Choose below the package that fits best to you, your age and your lifestyle. Read all about their specifics on their own page.

Male Health Checkup

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Standard Male Checkup

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Extensive Male Medical Checkup

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Executive Male

Female Health Checkup

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Standard Female Checkup

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Extensive Female Medical Checkup

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Executive Female