Brazilian butt lift

Buttocks Augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift)

With the Brazilian Butt Lift fat is taken from areas of excess and then injected into your butt in order to add volume and shape the roundness to the upper part of the butt. It also helps to shape the waist by taking away your love handles, creating a beautiful shaped figure. This form of augmentation is based on fat grafting, which involves removing a patient’s own fat via liposuction from one part of the body and re-implanting it in the buttocks.

The Brazilian butt lift is a two-part surgical procedure, first fat is taken via liposuction from areas of the body where it is in excess. By doing so it creates the added benefit of removing additional fat from other parts of the body. This will improve the patient’s overall look. The fat removed via liposuction is then processed and purified in the operating room. After processing the fat the second phase of the surgery can begin.

The second part of the procedure involves multiple injections of the patient’s own fat back into the buttocks. This part of the surgery is also called the sculpturing part of the surgery. The surgeon injects your fat into the buttocks in order to make them larger and rounder. Once the appropriate amount of fat is injected, the procedure is complete. The results are immediate, but the buttocks will be at their largest right after the procedure and will slightly decrease in size as you heal from the surgery. The final result and size of the new butt will be visible after a full three months of healing.

The other approach to enhancing your backside is the use Solid silicone implants that are available to be surgically placed under the muscle or skin of the buttocks.

The Brazilian butt lift is a relatively new operation to reshape the buttock, improve your overall body contour, and give you that desirable hourglass figure.

Everyone is different, but you can expect the recovery time to be about 2 weeks. It is not terribly painful, but you will be sore after the surgery. You will be able to sit after the operation, however, the amount of time spent sitting should be minimized for 2 weeks. It is preferable for you to sleep on your belly at night. After surgery, we recommend that you begin walking the same day to reduce your risk of complications. Light cardio exercises may be resumed after about 2 weeks. You will need to wear a compression garment for about 6 weeks after the operation.

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