Biofibre artificial hair

Biofibre Artificial Hair

There is an alternative hair replacement treatment on the market that can be very beneficial for both men and women. Even with extreme hair loss. The product name is Biofibre which is the producer of artificial hair. Therefor it is helping patients to win the battle against hair loss. First of all this new innovative treatment uses artificial hair implants that are made from a non-reactive, human tissue friendly material. Having a completely natural look and color to match your own hair. Fibers are inserted into the localized areas of baldness or thinning in the scalp.

The treatment is phased carefully as part of a pre planned program. This is done to replace hair loss gradually without drawing too much attention. The Aesthetic Surgery Center is one of the few centers in Turkey who offer this treatment. The Biofibre biocompatible artificial hair implant offers an alternative or complement to other hair treatments. Biofibre requires no recovery time and is subject to minimal pain and discomfort. As a result the transformation is immediate and it will help to increase your self- confidence.

The Biofibre hair implant technique is not in rivalry with any other hair restoration technique like FUE. As a result it is a good alternative or complementary treatment for the patient. So it is suitable for patients with a healthy scalp but with a poor donor area. Biofibre is also ideal for patients who cannot shave their head or who cannot wait for a shaved head to regrow after the FUE hair transplant. They are in need of immediate results. It is also useful when a patient wants to increase the volume of the hair following normal hair implant procedures.

How to handle Biofibre artificial hair?

Biofibre is aesthetically identical to the natural hair, furthermore it does not lose its color and does not die with aggressive products. Biofibre creates several lengths, colors and shapes from 15, 30 or 45 centimeters; available in straight, wavy or curly. So it can be washed and dried like natural hair and is available as single hair or triple high density.

Our expert surgeon ensures entirely natural results, with extensive pre-surgery analysis to define the exact type and texture of hair to suit the patient. The process is also entirely safe because with a Biofibre test spot carried out in advance of treatment full compatibility is ensured. Therefor, in the unlikely event that a patient is not happy with the results, the process is fully reversible.