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Welcome at the Aesthetic Surgery Center

We, as Aesthetic Surgery Center, offer already for many years our services in Turkey, Europe but also the Arabic speaking countries. Our goal is to offer opportunity for everyone to improve her/his looks for reasonable surgery prices. We are offering both men & women the opportunity to have plastic and cosmetic surgery abroad by one of our qualified, skilled, specialist cosmetic surgeons. Sometimes even combined with vacation and/or beauty breaks in the world’s most beautiful historical city of Istanbul.

Aesthetic Surgery Center has many years of practical experiences in plastic and cosmetic surgery for foreign patients so we know what our guests expect from us and from our medical teams. Our surgeons and medical staff perform combined more than 3000 procedures per year!


All our medical staff is authorized to perform or assist in all medical procedures that we offer in our Center. All of them are fully accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health and many of them also hold certifications to perform medical procedures in the EU and/or USA.

Everyone from the Aesthetic Surgery Center’s care team is fully English speaking an they all care about customer satisfaction. By choosing Aesthetic Surgery Center you are in secure hands. Aesthetic Surgery Center care team arrange your plastic and cosmetic surgery abroad in Istanbul from the moment you arrive at the airport until the time you will take off to return to your own country.

We, as Aesthetic Surgery Center, are already for many years the top in terms of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. The Aesthetic Surgery Center has the utmost up-to-date and comprehensive medical facilities available in Istanbul, Turkey. The Aesthetic Surgery Center uses four branches in Istanbul, and performs any kind of plastic surgery. Our modern medical facilities, which are all located in Istanbul, are furnished with the most modern equipment and all the staff is trained to the highest possible level. Each operation is performed in one of these medical facilities by a surgeon with the appropriate specifications. The surgeons, as well as his or her operation team, have many years of experience in plastic surgery. We guarantee that you’ll have the same surgeon from day one. She/he will be your dedicated surgeon and knows all the ins and outs of your wishes and medical background. For these reasons, the quality of the plastic surgery operations, carried out at the Aesthetic Surgery Center are the most highly regarded in all of Turkey.

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The Aesthetic Surgery Center is proud to bring you one of the most detailed & comprehensive websites on aesthetic plastic surgery today.

Why Us?

  • A team of qualified, board certified, specialists.
  • World-class treatments comparable with any available within EU or UK.
  • Facilities with State-of-the-art operation theatres.
  • Clinically clean conditions, No MRSA.
  • Predictable, safe & scientific procedures.
  • Well-trained staff.
  • Affordable prices of up to 70% less than a cosmetic surgery cost in the EU or UK.
  • Availability and short booking period.
  • Free consultations, with surgeon’s assessment within 24 – 48 hours.
  • Plastic Surgery Imaging.
  • Friendly personnel.